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Got a Party?  GET A PRO!
 Comprehensive DJ Programming for Seniors, Singles & Special Needs Patients.
Got a Party?  GET A PRO!

Joe Pacino
Entertainment by Radio DJ
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I’d love the opportunity
to present my initial one hour performance at your facility.
One hour is standard, but can be extended and the fee prorated.

I’m quite sure your group will provide a               reaction!  

There’s SO much that I have to offer, I can return time and time again, keeping each new presentation FRESH, FUN & anticipated. 

Most performances are scheduled weekdays, either late morning or mid-afternoon.  However, if you have an early evening event in problem!  And selected weekend dates are available, as well.

You supply a table, I’ll bring everything, props, games and all appropriate music.

Having a themed party?  Let me know!


 Per Performance               Total              Retainer Fee        Due at Performance   

$150 Single                       150.00                     75.00                     75.00                                                                   
$145 Quarterly              580.00                   290.00*                    72.50
$140 Monthly                1680.00                    840.00*                    70.00                        $135 Weekly                 7020.00                  3510.00*                    67.50
$130*                              open                         n/a                         n/a
I understand that corporate invoicing structures differ.  Payment terms are negotiable.
*Retainer Fee commitment applies for discounts.
*10+ performances per month (minimum 6-month commitment) at multiple facilities
owned & operated by the same individual, entity, corporation, group or agency.
This list of Senior’s favorite MUSIC just scratches the surface! 
 I’ll run out of time long before I run out of ACTIVITIES, GAMES & CONTESTS! All fun and age appropriate.seniors_about_joe.htmlseniors_music.htmlseniors_games.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2

Someone sent me this YouTube video

I thought it was delightful and wanted to share it with you!

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BADJA   Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association charter member
NAME   National Association of Mobile Entertainers certified 1996
(410)653-2596  Office       (443)474-8708  Cell       (410)486-3425  Fax       joepachino  Skype ID

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