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Got a Party?  GET A PRO!

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Here’s a game I just created for Seniors in 2010:
“SINGO” is Musical BINGO      and players love it!
This list of Senior’s favorite MUSIC just scratches the surface ! 
SCHEDULE a single performance as a one-time special event.  Or make it a regular and anticipated treat,%20contact%20us%20with%20further%20infoshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2


It's fun for all, but creates an instant interest for withdrawn or lower-functioning clients.  Just shake to create amazing sounds!


When the ball is caught, the idea is to give 3 possible answers to the question under the player’s thumb.

Different balls, different subjects.


Featuring facts from the 30s, 40s and 50s, the questions are sure to bring back memories and lead to reminiscing.

Squishy, squeezable, fun-to-feel Popcorn Balls, large 10" tall Popcorn Containers and over 50 popcorn-related trivia questions are used for fun group games & activities.

I can’t promise that I’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat, but a little Abracadabra is always fun!

Maybe.  Maybe not!


This colorful, realistic looking parakeet repeats what clients say, and gives them instant feedback.  Perched on a finger or resting on his base, he also makes a great companion to the withdrawn or shy.

In addition to fabulous music selections,* each month
I offer interactive games, activities or contests!**

                       SENIOR CENTERS                            NURSING HOMES
                      ACTIVE ADULT COMMUNITIES          A.R.C CENTERS

JANUARY       Simon Sez                                      Simon Sez
FEBRUARY      Nose-To-Nose                                  Talk-Balk Parakeet
MARCH           Senior’s Trivia                                Senior’s Trivia
APRIL             Senior’s Singo                                 Senior’s Singo
MAY              Family Feud                                     Family Feud
JUNE                Great Big Bowling & Tic Tac Toe        Great Big Bowling & Tic Tac Toe
JULY               Battle Of The Sexes                         Get Acquainted Ball
AUGUST           Disco Singo                                       Senior’s Singo
SEPTEMBER     Senior’s Trivia                                 Senior’s Trivia
OCTOBER          The Numbers Game                           Abra Cadabra
NOVEMBER      Beamz                                            Beamz
DECEMBER       Holiday Singo                                   Holiday Singo

 * If you prefer, I’m happy to play music straight through.
** Subject to occasional update, substitution & revision. 

Some games are “active,” others are “passive.”
But they’re all ENJOYABLE!

Most of the Contests & Activities featured on this page

(as well as a multitude of others, appropriate for Seniors and Special Needs patients)

are available for your own use from a “fun to browse” resource:

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