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I don’t.  Regardless of which DJ’s you interview, please keep these six points in mind:
First:  Hiring a BAND, it’s imperative that you hear their rendition of different arrangements.  But every song a DJ plays is by the original artist singing the original song.  When you observe people dancing on DJ’s DVD, it’s indicative of a good song, not necessarily a good DJ!
Point Two:  As a radio Program Director, I had my DJ’s “aircheck.”  When their mic went on, the tape recorder started.  I could more easily critique their 4-hour show when it was reduced to 15-20 minutes with the music left unrecorded.  But unless you see a DJ’s entire performance (which you won’t have the patience to view) watching several songs on a DVD can’t give you a fair assessment of a full show.  And it follows that
Third:  No DJ will show you anything that he doesn’t want you to see!  But don’t be overwhelmed by the excitement of a deluxe DVD with elaborate production fades, titles, etc.  That’s the work of an excellent video company, not an excellent DJ.  If you’re not completely impressed by what you see and hear from the DJ himself, remember--it’s probably what he feels is his best work.
#4:  If the DJ is in a tuxedo and you’re having a pool party just for kids, you may be misled into feeling that the DJ’s specialty is “high-end.”
Also:  If you don’t contract through an agency, the individual you book should be the one who personally performs.  Get that in ink!  There’s only one Saturday a week, so there’s no incentive to produce a DVD to solicit jobs he’s going to have to turn away.  However, a DJ should always make himself available for phone consultations or a meeting at his home or office, your home or for a cup of coffee at the neighborhood Starbucks.
Finally:  Certain print presentations are produced by a national brochure company and sold by exclusive territory with ANY DJ’s name, logo and likeness simply plugged in.  (“Use our text & photos or use yours at no extra charge.”)  From several DVD companies, the music must be “generic” for copyright reasons and, if you look carefully, doesn’t match the dancing!  (The crowd is “generic,” too.  Every DJ in the country who buys that DVD package shows the same guests at his party!)  Is it deceptive?  You judge.  I think it’s just another marketing technique.  But it’s not too creative.

Once again, the answer is probably not the one you’d prefer.  Among the criteria of the trade groups to which I belong is a stipulation that I’m not allowed to invite you to view my work.  This has nothing to do with being concerned about something you may see that would cause you hesitation.  It’s a courtesy issue.  If you were to book me for your affair, you could rest assured that you wouldn’t turn around to find strangers standing at the doorway for a half hour (or more).

It’s a good policy.  I once took it upon myself to invite a young couple to watch me perform at a black tie summer wedding.  They not only showed up in cut-offs, sandals and T-shirts, but they walked right over and started engaging me in conversation while I was working.  I could feel the eyes of the Bride and Groom boring straight through me.  And they were right.  I was very embarrassed.

Often a booking party will have no objection to you viewing their affair.  Others may feel uncomfortable.  I have absolutely no problem with you attending ANY function to view my work, but APPROVAL MUST COME FROM MY CLIENT.  Obviously I will offer you the same consideration.  By the way, if any dj invites you to one of his parties, he’ll have no problem inviting unexpected outsiders to yours as well!


No.  I’m there to work, not eat.  Sometimes a caterer will automatically charge you (usually at a reduced rate) for a meal for the DJ, photographer, videographer, etc.  That’s between you and the caterer.  I certainly don’t require, nor expect, a full meal (especially if it means that you’ll incur a fee).  But if you invite me to a plate of hors d’oeuvres and a soft drink, I’ll probably take you up on it!
I price myself with my peers.  Anyone with a professional radio background and in the business since the ’70’s will charge AT LEAST the same.  I guarantee IN THE CONTRACT that, at the end of the party, you’ll feel the fee was well worth it and justified.  If, in truth and good faith, you feel otherwise, don’t pay me.  Period.  Consider carefully: a “budget” DJ can’t even afford Mobile grade equipment.  Nor will he offer the same music library.  He certainly won’t have much experience at his craft.  Cheap is cheap.  There’s a reason.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true...
  AREN’T YOUR FEES UNUSUALLY LOW?  (I don’t get this question too often!)

You must have been talking to an out of town agency.  Some include packages with everything from raised dance floors to six foot video screens to valet parking.  They do excellent work.  But guests at those parties don’t have more fun.  Their DJ’s certainly aren’t more experienced.  So do you need to spend the extra money in order to have a great time?  If your answer is “yes,” book them!  You’ll have a fabulous affair.  It’s somewhat ironic, but since many east coast DJ’s network, I’m occasionally subcontracted by these higher priced out-of-town agencies to MC their Baltimore jobs (but namelessly, under their banner).  So I could wind up being your DJ anyway but, at the end of the affair, your wallet would weigh considerably less!

  WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU’RE               OR              ON OUR RECEPTION DATE?

Before the curtain rises, superstitious actors hear “Break a leg!”  So I guess for DJs, it should be “Break a lip!”  If I happen to be in that Chapstick predicament, I’m a charter member of the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association.  As local professional Mobile DJs, we network and share techniques and ideas over dinner on the first Monday of each month.  We’re a tight group and there are strict standards and requirements for admission.  We’re also “there” for each other and always willing to jump in if any of us finds ourself in a serious bind.  We take pride in our occupation and I would feel confident (and you could, too) if any member of BADJA I suggested filled in for me as an emergency replacement

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard me sing I Will Survive  a capella!


I mime.  No extra charge.  My Man Walking Into The Wind is only bested by my Man Trapped In A Box.

Thank you for that very pertinent, insightful, probing inquiry and frequently asked question.  I was expecting “Boxers or briefs?”  

But let’s go back a couple.  Redundancy is the name of the game.  I come to every performance with not one or two, but four music sources.  And I keep two more in the van, “just in case.”  Trust me, I’m adequately backed-up with gear.  Sorry, but it’s unlikely that you’ll hear me sing!

And, OK, if you must know: mauve.  (It’s not that I care for the color.  I just like saying the word.)
 DJ Joe Pachino  Bar Mitzvah Entertainment  Bat Mitzvah Entertainment
The more you can adhere to these, the more likely your party will be at full steam at closing time!

Try to place me adjacent, with easy access, to the dance floor.  I bring everything I need.  All I require is a table and a wall socket!

Let’s keep it comfortable for the older folks.  Don’t seat them next to the speakers.  I’m very sensitive and responsive to acoustic issues.  While all of my equipment is Professional Mobile Grade gear and capable of considerable volume, I won’t induce shouting because I’m trying to impress anyone with how loud I can play the music.  Believe me, no one’s ears will bleed.  But “loud” is relative to age.  I certainly don’t want to aggravate anyone!

A small dance floor is OK!  People are more likely to dance when the crowd on the floor is dense.  Take it from a pro who knows about dancing and crowd psychology, not from a banquet manager who’s trying to sell you a larger floor package.  If people wind up dancing on the carpet, great!

Darker is always better than lighter for dancing.  Your guests will feel less observed and “onstage” when the lights are low.  (And, unless 100% unavoidable--PLEASE--no florescent lighting.)

When the weather is lovely, venues with outdoor accessibility allow your guests to enjoy the scenery.  Unless you’ve chosen your location BECAUSE it offers a beautiful view, let’s keep the scales tipped in our favor by keeping the doors closed so we don’t “invite” them to roam, pulling from the floor potential.  

Also, open doors allow more ambient light into the room and invite people to their cars.  My job is to keep the focus on the reception.  I’m there to help you “throw away the key!”

Bars should be in the main room, preferably close to the dance floor.  If a bar (and/or desserts) are set up outside the main room, a sizable percentage of guests will be there.  Naturally!  Bars are a draw.  So why fight that fight?

If you shut down the bar early, your guests will feel like it’s time to head to the coatroom.  It’s a signal.

Song lyrics are important.  I try to stay clear of “negative vibe” lyrics.  Although you will hear your share of slow dance songs, allow me to keep the mood “up.”

For those several hours, I have nothing other than your party’s success on my mind.  If you insist that I eliminate the “cliché” party music, it will impact the dance floor.  Music familiarity is good.  Your reception is not the time nor place for anyone’s preference of undanceable or obscure tunes.  You’ll have all of your guests in that hall to have a great time, so let me exercise my tools and really work my craft.  The music selection should have no losers in the bunch.  I’m ALWAYS open to song requests: yours prior to the date and your guests’ during the party.  But your respect for my music suggestions will pay off.  

Just a personal observation: Keep your other “hired hands” happy!  Your wait staff, caterer, photographer, etc. will go that extra mile for you, if you do nothing more than acknowledge them as you would your guests.  Upon arrival, a greeting and a smile are noticed and appreciated.  And that’s all it takes!  “Ignorance is bliss.”  But being ignored is not.   

Caterers see Disc Jockeys constantly.  The professionals and the novices.  Many caterers feel obligated to program the entertainment since the DJ is incapable of handling it properly.  Occasionally, they’re correct!  But if you hire me, allow me to program your party and to suggest to the caterer (with you) an agenda that flows.  The caterer should serve delicious food, not dictate dance sets.  It’s seldom an issue, but timing details should be defined prior to the affair.

Assume that I will try to build a one-on-one rapport with those you invite.  I want them on my side.

A party should end when it shouldn’t end, not when it should!  I want your guests to clamor for more, reluctant to leave.

If you have to cut corners, since you have so much at stake and only one chance to get it right, don’t compromise on the entertainment.  My clients never complain that they overpaid for my services.  It really is true: experience counts.

If you can reach, pat yourself on the back for reading to the end of this FAQ page!music2.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

“From the moment we met with you we felt confident we made the right choice.  To say that our initial impressions and confidence was justified is an understatement.  You are just the best.  Your enthusiasm and charisma as the party’s M.C. was contagious.  From the comments and accolades we received, you were a big big part of the success of the day.”

--Debbie & Ben

Words only begin to describe the wonderful feelings we have.  We are very happy that you were part of our celebration.  We have been told nothing but praise for the music and the way you presented it.”


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