A DJ is a showman and a salesman.  He must convince you that his service is better than the competition’s and you’ve made a wise choice by calling him.  
If a prospective client mentions something like “You’ve got a great reputation, give us more info,” “We heard wonderful things about you from a friend,” or “I grew up listening to you on the radio” then they’ve already softened me up!  My response will be “Do you have a few minutes?” since I’m about to settle in and devote about a half-hour of initial phone time to this potential client.  Naturally, I enjoy a compliment.  Flattery will get you everywhere!  I’m here for you.  (If you’ve seen the DJ you’re calling work previously and enjoyed his act, certainly let him know.)
However, if the first question I hear is “How much do you charge for four hours?” I immediately recognize:
(1) they’re (understandably) clueless regarding the interview process and have no idea what to ask.  Or
(2) they don’t really care about my business model: integrity, experience, reputation, originality, professionalism, customer service, outstanding gear, special contests, guest interaction,  vast music repertoire, guaranteed performance, value & fun.  OR THEIR GUESTS!  Just $!  Or
(3) while my fee is comparable to my peer’s fees (and considerably less than many Booking and Talent Agency fees), I’m not going to get that job since my rate is higher than the Yellow Pages “Best Price” DJs. 

Some DJs readily admit (to other DJs) that, when asked what they charge, they’ll put off answering until they’ve delivered their pitch and had a chance to ascertain your budget.

They may reduce their fee to fill an open date or to upsell a package, so be prepared for a question such as: “What were you planning on spending?” or “What is your entertainment budget?” before you get a direct answer.  Knowing your price tolerance, they’ll start high, get it if they can, but lowball if they sense that they can then lock you in.  Bought a car lately?  It’s a game.  I’m the opposite.  Why waste each other’s time?  If your first question regards pricing and that’s ALL you care about, I’ll quote my basic fee and that’ll be that.  The DJs you interview should use the same approach.  There’s no need for you to get caught up in the “game.”

Excerpted from “DJ’s SECRETS REVEALED!  How To Select (And Get The MOST Out Of) Your Mobile Disc Jockey"
 © 2001, 2007 Joe Pachino (Evergreen Marketing, Inc.)
“F Minus” by Tony Carrillo 4/15/09  Embedded by permission

A Best Price DJ may suggest he can provide a “White Stretch Limo Affair.”
This is how you envision your party, and dream it will turn out...

This is what he delivers...

The problem is, he didn’t lie!.....   

Cheap = Cheap.   Cheap ≠ Proficient......

Joe Pachino Entertainment_DJ AGREEMENT2

Got a Party?  GET A PRO!

Joe Pacino
Entertainment by Radio DJ

I take pride in my work AND MY PROFESSION.
If I can’t do your job, it will be my pleasure to recommend a COMPETENT Disc Jockey.

If you’re weighing alternatives, an accomplished DJ does not necessarily mean a costly DJ.
But before you go for the best “DEAL,” you’ll be very glad that you read both of these articles:
How To Select A Disc Jockey   Jason Mullican
Spinning Out Of Control  Robert Lundqui
and viewed this on                then this.  You don’t have to “beware,” but you DO have to “be aware.”
.    how_to_select_2.htmlmobile_beat_2.htmlhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8VL0PL559g&feature=relatedhttp://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/a-solid-gold-sound.aspxshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3
And this excerpt
 from my book, too...
Would you feel comfortable
hiring this Baltimore DJ?
I don’t think this individual
will be invited to join BADJA!

From the DJ’s website:

Flat Rate of only $350.00 for 4 hours private parties, $450.00 for 4 hour Wedding Reception. If you find it at a lower price, bring it to me and I will beat it.
About Us
I my started my business because my girls love to sing. I started investing in Karaoke equipment then DJ equipment. One thing lead [sic] to another and before you know people were asking me if I would play music for them. If my girls could come and sing at their event. So I went in business, 2005 was my first year. I have enjoyed alot of weddings, birthday parties, etc. I'm a down to earth person, I do  not charge alot for my services because it is me (the owner) you are dealing with and I do not feel you need to break the bank to have a DJ at your wedding or Graduation Party. Call me we can work something out.
I offer best personal Karoake [sic] and DJ services. I personally will work with you to make sure you get what you pay for.  [perfectly stated!]

All of that being said (and read), you’ll find that my fee is a VALUE.
Plus, I GUARANTEE in writing that you’ll be delighted with the entertainment.  From my contract:
“...DJ agrees to absolve Client from paying the balance due if, in truth and good faith,
Client determines that DJ’s performance was, in any way, unsatisfactory.”
For an immediate quote, just give me a call.
You’ll be SO glad that you found this website!

“An amazing AND relaxing, stress-free event for us.  I have been receiving calls all week about how much fun everyone had.  Mission accomplished!  Thank you so much for being such a special part of this milestone in our daughter’s life.”

--Wendy & Marc

“When it comes to the reception, you were it!  Your team and the entertainment you provided were simply incredible.  We chose the right professionals.”

--Joy and Mark

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